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Leonardo Leo – Complete Cello Conciertos

Leonardo Leo – Cello Conciertos

About the Work:
Better known for his vocal works than his instrumental contributions, Leonardo Leo nonetheless left us with a number of highly enjoyable and musically significant instrumental works. This two-disc Brilliant Classics set features his “Six Cello Concertos,” a definite oddity at the same time as the cello was very rarely used as a solo instrument. Leo’s six concertos are substantially more virtuosic than the concertos of Vivaldi and are arguably the most significant works for the medium before Boccherini entered the scene several decades later. They were written at the request of the Duke of Madalon, who, given the difficulty of Leo’s writing, must have been a markedly gifted amateur cellist. This album features cellist Julius Berger, who has not only devoted a substantial portion of his discography to the performance of “early” works for his instrument, but has been musicologically active in the discovery of unknown compositions. His playing is a reflection of his passion and academic insights. Pristinely in tune and totally effortless, Berger grabs the listener’s attention from the first note and doesn’t let it go until the end of the set. Even the most demanding double-stop passages or passagework in the higher ranges of the instrument are tossed off with pleasing accuracy and even playfulness. Brilliant’s sound quality is a bit echoic, but offers a pleasing balance between soloist and orchestra.

Track List:
01. 1 Andantino grazioso (3:36)
02. 2 Con bravura (2:41)
03. 3 Larghetto con poco moto (4:56)
04. 4 Fuga (2:48)
05. 5 Allegro di molto (1:52)
06. 1 Andante grazioso (2:44)
07. 2 Presto (2:12)
08. 3 Larghetto (5:47)
09. 4 Allegro (2:07)
10. 1 Andantino grazioso (3:30)
11. 2 Allegro (2:46)
12. 3 Larghetto a mezza voce (4:08)
13. 4 Allegro (3:15)
14. 1 Andante grazioso (4:24)
15. 2 Allegro (3:23)
16. 3 Largo e gustoso (5:30)
17. 4 Allegro (3:00)
01. 1 Andante piacevole (3:42)
02. 2 Allegro (3:59)
03. 3 Larghetto e gustoso (5:52)
04. 4 Allegro (5:00)
05. 1 Andante grazioso (4:08)
06. 2 Con spirito (3:29)
07. 3 Amoroso (4:55)
08. 4 Allegro (3:33)
09. 1 Maestoso (3:41)
10. 2 Fuga (Allegro) (2:29)
11. 3 Larghetto (4:31)
12. 4 Allegro (2:37)

The Artists:

mp3, 320 kbps, cd ripping, 106:35 minutes
Covers, info included.

D1Part1 —–  D1Part2 —–   D2Part1 —–  D2Part2


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