Gabriel Fauré – Piano Quartets I & II

Gabriel Fauré – Piano Quartets
Recorded on 25-26 February, 1985

About the work:
There are three great chamber music composers from the second half of the 19th century: Brahms, Dvorák, and Fauré. Of the three, Fauré is by far the least well known, even in France. French music in the 19th century was almost entirely centered on opera and ballet, and while Fauré did make at least one contribution to the operatic stage (Penelope), he was far more involved in composing chamber music and songs. The two piano quartets are both extremely fine works, beautifully crafted, and full of warmly Romantic melody. This disc was one of the first by non-French performers to make the case for Fauré as a truly great composer of chamber music, and it still sounds very impressive.

Track List:
1. Quartet 1 I Allegro molto moderato (9:20)
2. Quartet 1 II Scherzo (Allegro vivo) (5:11)
3. Quartet 1 III Adagio (7:10)
4. Quartet 1 IV Allegro molto (7:56)
5. Quartet 2 I Allegro molto moderato (10:51)
6. Quartet 2 II Allegro molto (3:24)
7. Quartet 2 III Adagio non troppo (10:21)
8. Quartet 2 IV Allegro molto (7:55)

The Artists (Domus Quartet):

Susan Tomes: piano
Krysia Osostowicz: violin
Robin Ireland: viola
Timothy Hugh: cello

The piano quartet Domus was formed in 1979 at Sandor Vegh’s International Musicians’ Seminar at Prussia Cove in Cornwall. The original members were Susan Tomes, Krysia Osostowicz, Robin Ireland (viola) and Timothy Hugh (cello). Domus first made its reputation performing in its own portable concert hall, which also gave the group its name – a white geodesic dome seating two hundred. Playing in this magical and intimate setting, Domus’s committed yet informal presentation won them an enthusiastic following, and they appeared at venues in remote places throughout the world, from Italian hilltops and German parks to Australian city squares. Through their open rehearsals, discussion groups and workshops, Domus’s characteristic performance style evolved through its close relationship with its audiences, and greatly enhanced the accessibility and understanding of the repertoire. However, the group’s ever-increasing following eventually outgrew the dome and drew them back into the conventional concert hall and to the recording studio. Domus’s first recording, of the two Fauré Piano Quartets, was made for Hyperion in 1985 and won a Gramophone Award for the best chamber music recording of the year. The disc also won a German Record Critics’ Prize and was accorded the rarely bestowed `Evénement Exceptionelle’ by the French journal, Télérama. That recording was followed in 1988 by the two Dvorak Piano Quartets, opp 23 and 87, which also received glowing reviews.

mp3, 320 kbps, cd ripping, 62:08 minutes, Covers & info included.
Part1 —–   Part2


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