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Gaetano Donizetti – Lucrezia Borgia

Gaetano Donizetti – Lucrezia Borgia

Recorded in May 1966 at the RCA Italiana Studios, Roma

About this opera:
Lucrezia Borgia is a melodramma, or opera, in a prologue and two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after the play by Victor Hugo, in its turn after the legend of Lucrezia Borgia. Lucrezia Borgia was first performed on 26 December 1833 at La Scala, Milan with Lelande and Pedrazzi. The first London production was at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 1839 with Giulia Grisi and Mario. When the opera was staged in Paris (Théâtre des Italiens) in 1840, Victor Hugo obtained an injunction against further productions within the domain of French copyright law. The libretto was then rewritten and retitled La Rinegata, with the Italian characters changed to Turks, and the performances were resumed. The first English-language production was in London on 30 December, 1843. The English tenor Sims Reeves was a noted Gennaro. Lucrezia was presented at New York (Astor Place Opera House) in 1847: with Giulia Grisi in 1854; and with Therese Tietjens and Brignoli in 1876. It was given at the Academy of Music in 1882, and at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1902 with Enrico Caruso as Gennaro. Therese Tietjens was a particularly famous 19th century Lucrezia, who made her debut in the role at Hamburg in 1849, and in her day was unequalled and completely identified with the role. (She was also a superb Norma, Donna Anna, and Agathe.) In later life she became very fat, and collapsed on stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London during her last performance, in this role, in 1877: she died soon afterwards. A famous performance of Lucrezia Borgia given in 1965 at Carnegie Hall with soprano Montserrat Caballé (her American debut) was soon followed by a recording featuring Caballé, mezzo soprano Shirley Verrett, tenor Alfredo Kraus, and bass Ezio Flagello, conducted by Jonel Perlea. This performance and recording helped reintroduce the work to the opera-loving public. Lucrezia’s aria “Com’è bello”, Orsino’s Brindisi “Il segreto per esser felice”, the tenor’s “Di pescator ignobile”, and the bass aria “Vieni, la mia vendetta!” are all very effective and famous melodic moments from the opera and have been performed and recorded frequently. Lucrezia Borgia is still performed from time to time as a vehicle for a star soprano, and there are several recordings available.

Track List:
01. Prologue: Bella Venezia (5:31)
02. Prologue: Nella fatal di Rimini (4:32)
03. Prologue: Senti. La danza invitaci (2:55)
04. Prologue: Tranquillo ei posa (5:41)
05. Prologue – Com’e bello! (5:40)
06. Prologue – Si voli il primo a cogliere (3:00)
07. Prologue – Ciel!-Che vegg’io (2:58)
08. Prologue – Di pescatore ignobile (7:45)
09. Prologue – Gente appressa – io ti lascio (1:44)
10. Prologue – Maffio Orsini, signora, son io (5:28)
11. Act I, Scene 1: Nel veneto corteggio (1:58)
12. Act I, Scene 1: Viva! Evviva! Viva! Viva! (5:30)
13. Act I, Scene 1: Addio, Gennaro. (3:11)
14. Act I, Scene 1: Qui che fai? (5:13)
01. Act I, Scene 2: Tutto eseguisti? (1:37)
02. Act I, Scene 2: Cosi turbata? (4:28)
03. Act I, Scene 2: Soli noi siamo (3:29)
04. Act I, Scene 2: E si avverso a Gennaro (4:55)
05. Act I, Scene 2: Scene 2 – Trafitto tosto ei sia (4:13)
06. Act I, Scene 2: Guai se ti sfugge un moto (3:35)
07. Act I, Scene 2: Infelice! Il Veleno bevesti (3:09)
08. Act II, Scene 1: Rischiarata e la finestra (4:00)
09. Act II, Scene 1: Sei tu? Son io (3:30)
10. Act II, Scene 1: Onde a lei ti mostri grato (7:05)
11. Act II, Scene 1: A noi s’invola (2:44)
12. Act II, Scene 2: Viva il Madera! (8:22)
13. Act II, Scene 2: Il segreto per esser felici (4:18)
14. Act II, Scene 2: La gioia de’ profani (4:00)
15. Act II, Scene 2: Tu pur qui? Non sei feggito? (3:43)
16. Act II, Scene 2: M’odi, ah! m’odi (2:33)
17. Act II, Scene 2: Maffio muore (2:47)
18. Act II, Scene 2: Era desso il figlio mio (5:02)

The Players:

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 2 hours 34 minutes. Covers, info & synopsis included.

Part1 —–   Part2 —–   Part3 —–   Part4


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