Johann Sebastian Bach – 3 Sonatas For Viola Da Gamba And Harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach – 3 Sonatas For Viola Da Gamba And Harpsichord

Recorded at Schloss Wannegem-Lade, Germany between 15-17/05/1974

About the work:
It has now been determined that Johann Sebastian Bach’s sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord were written in the early 1740s, a time when the great virtuosos of the viola da gamba had either passed on or were soon to do so. This becomes especially poignant when considering the Sonata No. 2 in D major, BWV 1028, the most outwardly virtuosic of the three viola da gamba sonatas, especially in its vigorous finale. Of course, the harpsichord is an equal partner in all of these works, but the proficiency required of the viola da gamba player in the Sonata No. 2 demands an art which Bach must have known was in decline. This, of course, is all the more reason to celebrate the fact that today, thanks to the period performance movement, there are masters of the viola da gamba once again.

Track List:
01. Sonata G-major, BWV 1027 1. Adagio (4:03)
02. Sonata G-major, BWV 1027 2. Alegro ma non tanto (3:58)
03. Sonata G-major, BWV 1027 3. Andante (2:49)
04. Sonata G-major, BWV 1027 4. Allegro moderato (3:22)
05. Sonata D-major, BWV 1028 1. Adagio (2:01)
06. Sonata D-major, BWV 1028 2. Allegro (4:07)
07. Sonata D-major, BWV 1028 3. Andante (5:23)
08. Sonata D-major, BWV 1028 4. Allegro (4:27)
09. Sonata G-minor, BWV 1029 1. Vivace (5:30)
10. Sonata G-minor, BWV 1029 2. Adagio (6:47)
11. Sonata G-minor, BWV 1029 3. Allegro (3:57)

Gustav Leonhardt: harpsichord
Wieland Kuijken: viola da gamba

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 46:26 minutes. Covers & info included.

Part1 —–   Part2


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  1. Dear Jazzman2008,

    Thank you for letting us share such beautiful pieces of known and (maybe more important) less-known classical music.
    I have a question to you:
    The link from Part1 from J.S.Bach – 3 Sonatas for Viola da gamba and Harpsichord does not fire, because the file seems to be missing.
    Can you please fix this?
    Thank you,
    Kind regards,
    Tony van Grinsven

  2. Hi Jazzman2008,

    Sorry, but the link to Part1 from J.S.Back – 3 Sonatas for Viola de Gamba and Harpsichord does not fire (The file can not be found).
    Can you please fix it?
    Kind regards, Tony

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