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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Idomeneo, Re Di Creta + Supplement

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Idomeneo, Re Di Creta

About the opera:
“Idomeneo, Re Di Creta” was first performed at the Cuvilliés Theatre of the Residenz in Munich on January 29, 1781. Written when the composer was 24, Idomeneo was Mozart’s first mature opera seria, and with it he demonstrated his mastery of orchestral color, accompanied recitatives, and melodic line. In certain respects (e.g., the choirs), however, this opera is still an experimental drama, resulting more in a sequence of sets than in a well developed plot. Mozart also had to fight with the mediocre author of the libretto, the court chaplain Varesco, making large cuts and changes, even down to specific words and vowels disliked by the singers (too many “i”s in “rinvigorir”).
Mozart seems to have been aware of Gluck’s reformation operas, this is quite clear here, but still there is a particular shine to Mozart’s work that is really not present in Gluck. And it is this colourful touch for orchestration and working with voices that makes this opera better than any of the Gluck ones, even if it feels at times more archaic in it’s use of secco recitatives.
Gluck was better at making the opera’s movements seamless, Mozart was better at making them spectacular. Look at the Quartet of the last Act for example, or the amazing Choir work. So the libretto isn’t that amazing, but Mozart does the best he can with it, and in the end it is very enjoyable with a lot of catchy arias which are also a bit more “da capo-y” than Gluck’s. So not as revolutionary as Gluck here, but more enjoyable.

Track List:
01. Ouverture (4:50)
02. Recitativo – Quando Avran Fine Omai (3:51)
03. No1 Aria – Padre, Germani, Addio! Recitativo – Ecco Idamante, Ahime! (4:12)
04. Recitativo – Radunate I Troiani (3:49)
05. No.2 Aria – Non Ho Colpa (6:43)
06. Recitativo – Ecco Il Misero Resto De’ Troiani (1:02)
07. No.3 Coro – Godiam La Pace (2:24)
08. Recitativo – Prence, Signor, Tutta La Grecia Oltraggi (2:49)
09. Recitativo – Estinto e Idomeneo? (1:49)
10. No.4 Aria – Tutte Nel Cor Vio Sento (3:35)
11. No.5 Coro – Pieta! Numi, Pieta! (1:25)
12. Pantomima E Recitativo – Eccoci Salvi Alfin (3:04)
13. No.6 Aria – Vedrommi Intorno (4:10)
14. Recitativo – Cieli!, Che Veggo? (6:34)
15. No.7 Aria – Il Padre Adorato (2:59)
16. No.8 Marcia (4:13)
17. No.9 Coro – Nettuno S’onori (5:49)
18. Recitativo – Tutto Me Noto (2:36)
19. Recitativo – Se Mai Pomposo Apparse (1:09)
20. No.11 Aria – Se Il Padre Perdei (6:18)
01. Recitativo: Qual mi Conturba I Sensi (Idomeneo) (2:27)
02. #12b Aria: Fuor Del Mar (Idomeneo) (6:33)
03. Recitativo: Chi Mai Del Mio Provo (Idomeneo) (1:43)
04. #13 Aria: Idol Mio, se Ritroso (Elettra) (5:23)
05. #14 Marcia e Recitativo: Odo da Lunge (Elettra) (1:19)
06. Recitativo: Sidonie Sponde! (Elettra) (0:52)
07. #15 Coro: Placido e il Mar (4:35)
08. Recitativo: Vattene Prence (Idomeneo, Idamante) (0:29)
09. #16 Terzetto: Pria di Partir, oh Dio! (Idamante, Elettra, Idomeneo) (4:53)
10. #17 Coro: Qual Nuovo Terrore! (2:08)
11. Recitativo: Eccoti in Me, Barbaro Nume! (Idomeneo) (1:59)
12. #18 Coro: Corriamo, Fuggiamo (1:51)
13. ACT III Recitativo: Solitudini Amiche (Ilia) (1:02)
14. #19 Aria: Zaffiretti Lisinghieri (Ilia) (5:52)
15. Recitativo: Principessa, A’tuoi Sguardi (Idamante, Ilia) (4:09)
16. #20a Duetto: S’io Non Moro a Questi Accenti (Idamante, Ilia) (3:36)
17. Recitativo: Cieli! Che Vedo? (Idomeneo, Ilia, Idamante, Elettra) (2:33)
18. #21 Quartetto: Andrò Ramingo e Solo (Idamante, Ilia, Idomeneo, Elettra) (5:32)
19. Recitativo: Sire, Alla Reggia Tua (Arbace, Ilia, Idomeneo, Elettra) (0:33)
20. Recitativo: Sventurata Sidon! (Arbace) (3:41)
21. #23 Recitativo: Volgi Intorno lo Sguardo (Gran Sacerdote, Idomeneo) (4:38)
22. #24 Coro: oh Voto Tremendo! (Popolo, Gran Sacerdote) (5:24)
23. #25 Marcia (2:04)
01. #26 Cavatina With Choir- Accogli, oh re Del Mar (3:51)
02. #26 Choir And Recitative- Qual Risuona Qui Intorno (1:15)
03. #27 Recitative- Padre, Nio Caro Padre (5:38)
04. #27 Recitative- Ferma, Oho Sire, Che Fai? (1:14)
05. #28d La Voce- ha Vinto Amore (2:40)
06. #29 Recitative- Oh Ciel Pietoso! (1:21)
07. #29a Aria- D’oreste, D’aiace (3:29)
08. #30 Recitative- Popoli, a Voi L’ultima Legge (6:36)
09. #30a Aria- Torna la Pace al Core (7:50)
10. #31 Choir- Scenda Amor, Scenda Imeneo (4:27)
11. App#8a Ballo Delle Donne Cretesi (2:35)
12. App#10a Aria- Se il Tuo Duol (5:16)
13. App#22 Aria- Se Cola Ne’fati e Scritto (8:18)
14. App#22 Recitative- Deh Vibra un Colpo (1:55)
15. App#27a Aria- No, la Morte io Non Pavento (5:06)
16. App#32 Ballet K367 Chaconne- Allegro (4:10)
17. Largetto (3:03)
18. Allegro (2:52)
19. Largo – Allegretto – Piu Allegro (4:31)

The Players:

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 2 hours 42 minutes. Covers, info & synopsis included.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Idomeneo, Re Di Creta. Suplement

Recorded at the Neue Kirche Albisrieden, Zürich, March-June 1980

About this suplement:
Usual recordings of”Idomeneo, Re Di Creta” don’t include the numbers that Mozart dleteted in the course of the preparations for the première of the work in Munich, nor, of course, those passages that Mozart subsequently rewrote for the Vienna performance in 1786. As Harnoncourt wrote “since all the pieces omitted in Munich are wonderful music, we intend to record them too and to publish them on a supplementary disc, so that all the mujsic Mozart composed for “Idomeneo” is accessible in one interpretation”.

Track List:
1. No. 27a Aria “No, la morte” (5:38)
2. No. 20b Duetto “Spiegarti non poss’io” (3:50)
3. Recitativo “Non più, Tutto ascoltai” (3:36)
4. Rondo “Non temer amato bene” (7:37)
5. No. 29 Recitativo “Oh smania!” (3:12)
6. No. 29a Aria “D’Oreste, d’aiace” (3:50)
7. No. 30a Aria “Torna la pace” (7:31)
8. Gavotte (3:15)

The Players:

Stereo, DDD, mp3, 320 kbps, 38:29 minutes. Covers & info included.



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