Yo-Yo Ma – The Soul Of Tango (The Music Of Astor Piazzolla)

Yo-Yo Ma – The Soul Of Tango (The Music Of Astor Piazzolla)

About the work:
Yo-Yo Ma might seem like an unlikely protagonist for the tango, but this intrepid musical explorer has taken his task seriously, collaborating with experienced tango musicians. Ma even participates in a posthumous collaboration with one 1987 Piazzolla recording. Furthermore, while he’s obviously the headliner here, he doesn’t dominate the arrangements nearly as much as he does the billing and photography of the disc. While the result isn’t your essential Piazzolla album (that would have to include more of the composer’s own playing), it’s an atmospheric and convincing collection, perhaps a good introduction for those who don’t know the music.
Ma’s enthusiasm for this Argentinean art form is audible in the dynamism he brings to each track. One of the most interesting tracks on the CD is “Tango Remembrances,” in which Ma plays improvisational material and a walking bass composed over pre-recorded material played by Piazzolla himself on the bandoneón (basically an Argentinean accordion). This music seems to throb with emotion, and never is Piazzolla’s artistry more obvious than in his own performance.

Yo-Yo Ma: Cello
Kathryn Stott, Leonardo Marconi, Kathryn Stott, Frank Corliss & Gerardo Gandini: Piano
Nestor Marconi: Bandoneon
Antonio Agri: Violin
Horacio Malvicino, Odair Assad & Oscar Castro-Neves: Guitar
Hector Console & Edwin Barker: Double Bass
Gerardo Gandini: Piano

Track List:
01. Libertango (3:10)
02. Tango Suite – Andante (3:45)
03. Tango Suite – Allegro (6:07)
04. Sur: Regreso Al Amor (6:03)
05. Le Grand Tango (11:38)
06. Fugata (3:48)
07. Tango Remembrances (6:21)
08. Mumuki (5:08)
09. Tres Minutos Con La Realidad (3:10)
10. Milonga Del Angel (6:40)
11. Cafe 1930 (7:47)

Stereo, DDD, MP3, 320 kbps, 149.05Mb, 62:17 minutes. Covers included.

Part1 —–   Part2


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