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George Frideric Händel – Ariodante

George Frideric Händel – Ariodante

Recorded June 7-11, 1995 in the Stadthalle, Göttingen, Germany.

About this opera:
Ariodante (HWV 33) is an opera seria in three acts by Handel. The anonymous Italian libretto was based on a work by Antonio Salvi, which in turn was adapted from Canti 5 and 6 of Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso. Each act contains opportunities for dance, originally composed for dancer Marie Sallé and her company. The opera was first performed in the Covent Garden Theatre, London, on 8 January 1735. Ariodante opened Handel’s first season at Covent Garden and successfully competed against the rival Opera of the Nobility, supported by the Prince of Wales. Handel had the tacit and financial support of the King and Queen and, more vocally, of the Princess Royal. The opera received 11 performances during its premiere season at Covent Garden. Like Handel’s other works in the opera seria genre, Ariodante, despite its initial success, fell into oblivion for more than two hundred years. An edition of the score was published in the early 1960s, from the Hallische Händel Ausgabe. In the 1970s, the work began to be revived, and has come to be considered one of Handel’s finest operas. Charles Cudworth has discussed the influence of French dance music in the opera. Winton Dean has noted that Act II of the opera, in its original version, is the only act in a Handel opera which ends with accompanied recitative.

Track List:
01. Act I: Overture: (Largo, Allegro) (2:54)
02. Act I: Overture: (Allegro) (1:59)
03. Act I: Arioso: Vezzi, lusighe (2:34)
04. Act I: Recitative: – Ami dunque, oh Signora? (0:53)
05. Act I: Aria: Orrida a gl’occhi miei (2:28)
06. Act I: Recitative: Orgogliosa beltade! (0:35)
07. Act I: Aria: Apri le luci (4:14)
08. Act I: Recitative: Mie spranze, che fate? (0:30)
09. Act I: Aria: Coperta la frode (4:21)
10. Act I: Arioso: Qui d’amor (2:00)
11. Act I: Recitative: T’amero dunque sempre (0:43)
12. Act I: Duetto: Prendi da questo mano (1:56)
13. Act I: Recitative: Non vi turbate (1:29)
14. Act I: Aria: Volate, amori (3:54)
15. Act I: Recitative: Vanne pronto (0:40)
16. Act I: Aria: Voli colla sua tromba (6:08)
17. Act I: Recitative: Oh, felice mio core! (0:14)
18. Act I: Aria: Con l’ali di costanza (6:59)
19. Act I: Recitative: Conosco il merto tuo (1:20)
20. Act I: Aria: Spero per voi (4:01)
21. Act I: Recitative: Dalinda, in occidente (0:29)
22. Act I: Aria: Del mio sol vezzosi rai (5:38)
23. Act I: Recitative: Ah! che quest’alma amante (0:16)
24. Act I: Aria: Il primo ardor (4:01)
25. Act I: Recitative: Pare, ovunque m’aggiri (0:50)
26. Act I: Sinfonia: (Larghetto) (0:42)
27. Act I: Duetto: Se rinasce nel mio cor (1:08)
28. Act I: Coro: Si godete al vostro amor (1:00)
29. Act I: Ballo (1:35)
30. Act I: Ballo: Mussete (Lentement) (1:26)
31. Act I: Ballo: Mussete (Andante) (1:01)
32. Act I: Ballo: (Allegro) (1:30)
33. Act I: Coro: Si godete al vostro amor (1:07)
01. Act II: Sinfonia (0:51)
02. Act II: Recitative: Di Dalinda l’amore (1:36)
03. Act II: Aria: Tu preparati a morire (3:53)
04. Act II: Recitative: Ginevra? (0:27)
05. Act II: Aria: Tu vivi e punito (4:09)
06. Act II: Recitative: E vivo ancora? (0:24)
07. Act II: Aria: Scherza infida (8:45)
08. Act II: Recitative: La stral ferí nel segno (0:37)
09. Act II: Airoso: Se tanto piace al cor (3:50)
10. Act II: Recitative: Felice fu il mio inganno (0:11)
11. Act II: Aria: Se l’inganno sortisce (4:34)
12. Act II: Recitative: Andiam, fidi, al consiglio (1:19)
13. Act II: Aria: Invida sorte (5:10)
14. Act II: Aria: Mi palpita il core (2:28)
15. Act II: Recitative: Stà lieta, oh Principessa (1:21)
16. Act II: Recitative: Mio Rè (1:09)
17. Act II: Aria: Il tuo sangue (4:53)
18. Act II: Recitative: Quante sventure (0:21)
19. Act II: Accompagnato: A me impudica? (1:59)
20. Act II: Aria: Il mio crudel martoro (8:12)
21. Act II: Ballo: Entrée des Songes agréables (2:22)
22. Act II: Ballo: Entrée des Songes funestes (1:43)
23. Act II: Ballo: Entrée des Songes agréables effrayés (2:13)
24. Act II: Accompagnato: Che vidi? (0:28)
25. Act II: Airoso: Se tanto piace al cor (1:56)
26. Act II: Recitative: Andiam, fidi, al consiglio (1:06)
27. Act II: Aria: Più contento e più felice (3:11)
28. Act II: Ballo: Entrée de’ Mori (1:32)
29. Act II: Ballo: Rondeau (1:15)
01. Act III: Sinfonia/Aria: Numi! lasciarmi vivere (2:17)
02. Act III: Recitative: Perfidi! Io son tradita! (1:18)
03. Act III: Aria: Cieca notte (5:35)
04. Act III: Recitative: Ingrato Polinesso! (0:25)
05. Act III: Aria: Neghittosi or voi (3:18)
06. Act III: Recitative: Sire: deh! non negare (0:32)
07. Act III: Aria: Dover, giustizia, amor (4:05)
08. Act III: Recitative: Or venga a me la figlia (1:16)
09. Act III: Aria: Io ti bacio (2:26)
10. Act III: Recitative: Figlia, da dubbia sorte (0:39)
11. Act III: Aria: Al sen ti stringo e parto (3:43)
12. Act III: Recitative: Cosi mi lascia il padre? (0:28)
13. Act III: Aria: Si, morro (1:26)
14. Act III: Sinfonia (0:30)
15. Act III: Recitative: Arrida il Cielo (2:22)
16. Act III: Aria: Dopo notte, atra e funesta (7:02)
17. Act III: Recitative: Dalinda! ecco risorge (0:30)
18. Act III: Duetto: Dite spera, e son contento (5:10)
19. Act III: Recitative: Da dubbia infausta sorte (0:38)
20. Act III: Arioso: Manca, oh Dei! (0:41)
21. Act III: Sinfonia (0:24)
22. Act III: Recitative: Figlia, innocente figlia! (1:17)
23. Act III: Duetto: Bramo aver mille vite (5:15)
24. Act III: Coro: Ogn’uno acclami (2:58)
25. Act III: Ballo (1:37)
26. Act III: Ballo: (Rondeau) (1:12)
27. Act III: Ballo: (Andante Allegro) (1:42)

The Players:

Stereo, DDD, mp3, 320 kbps, 573.37 Mb, 3 hours 21 minutes. Covers, info & synopsis included.

Part1 —–  Part2 —–  Part3 —–  Part4 —– Part5


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