Joseph Haydn – Missa “Sunt Bonna Mixta Malis” & Ofertorium “Non Nobis, Domine”

Joseph Haydn – Missa “Sunt Bonna Mixta Malis” & Ofertorium “Non Nobis, Domine”

Recorded at The Stadtpfarrkirche Bad Tötz, Germany on June 4, 1992.
World première.

About this work:
The obvious importance of this new release is the first appearance on disc of two recent Haydn discoveries, the brief Offertorium Non nobis, Domine and fragments (the Kyrie and part of the Gloria) of a Mass Sunt bona mixta malis. But its real charms lie in two works for solo soprano, choir and orchestra composed to mark the entry into convent life of Therese Keller whom Robbins Landon, in his characteristically earthy insert-note, suggests was Haydn’s great love: ”We must imagine the young Haydn, heartbroken, watching the love of his life taking the veil”. Be that as it may, what seeps out of every pore is a warmth and sincerity, something akin to profound inner happiness, which makes one wonder just how deep Haydn’s love was for the devout Therese Keller.

Track List:

The Players:
The Tölzer Knabenchor
Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden: chorus master
Anner Bylsma: violoncello
Anthony Woodrow: double bass
Bob van Asperen: organ
Bruno Weil: conductor

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 99.41 Mb, 40:28 minutes. Covers & info included.



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  1. musically greetings from “haydn-land”! maybe you’re interested to visit my haydn-anniversary -blog : ?

  2. Thanks for your message.
    Sure, I’ll visit your blog.

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