Francesco Geminiani – Pièces De Clavecin

Francesco Geminiani – Pièces De Clavecin

Recorded at the Castello Sforzesco, Milano, Italy in November 2000.

About this work:
Geminiani knew how to elevate the transcription to the category of art. Exactly famous is its orquestration of Opus 5 of its teacher, but it published other adaptations, among them, two collections of Pièces of harpsichord (1743 and 1762) based on its own sonatas for violin. More than simple transcriptions, these pieces, mainly those of 1743, they are authentic and admirable creations in which the composer, who put special well-taken care of in writing down ornamentation and including indications on dynamics, demonstrates to know the secrets thorough the instrument, as well as its recent evolution in the continent, spilling here and there drops of French aroma. They demand for its execution a virtuous clavecinista and refining, of clean fraseo, that makes arise the poetry that underlies in the slow movements -that wonderful Tendrement that does nº 10! -, it vibrates without gratuitous exaggerations (that in the end, they impress more than they move) in the expresses and it dances with dieciochesca elegance in the beautiful minuetos with variations (all a contribution to the sort) that close the collection. A clavecinista that is called, indeed, Fabio Bonizzoni. And that with a French instrument (Pascal Taskin, 1788) of crystalline timbre signs a splendid disc.

Track List:
01. Prélude (3:45)
02. Gayment (4:10)
03. Vivement (2:29)
04. tendrement (5:32)
05. Vivement (3:53)
06. Gracieusement – Tendrement (5:22)
07. Amoureusement (5:38)
08. Vivement (2:10)
09. Moderement (5:31)
10. Tenderement (3:50)
11. Vivement (2:54)
12. Minuet in C (8:12)
13. Minuet in G (8:21)

The Player:
Fabio Bonizzoni: harpsichord (Pascal Taskin, Paris 1788)

Stereo, DDD, mp3, 320 kbps, 148.14 Mb, 65:31 minutes. Covers & info included.

Part1 —–   Part2


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