Antonio Vivaldi – Opus 2: 12 Sonate For Violin And Continuo

Antonio Vivaldi – Opus 2: 12 Sonate For Violin And Continuo

Recorded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 1977

About the author:
The creator of hundreds of spirited, extroverted instrumental works, Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi is widely recognized as the master of the Baroque instrumental concerto, which he perfected and popularized more than any of his contemporaries. Vivaldi’s kinetic rhythms, fluid melodies, bright instrumental effects, and extensions of instrumental technique make his some of the most enjoyable of Baroque music. He was highly influential among his contemporaries and successors: even as esteemed a figure as Johann Sebastian Bach adapted some of Vivaldi’s music. Vivaldi’s variable textures and dramatic effects initiated the shift toward what became the Classical style; a deeper understanding of his music begins with the realization that, compared with Bach and even Handel, he was Baroque music’s arch progressive. Though not as familiar as his concerti, Vivaldi’s stage and choral music is still of value; his sometimes bouncy, sometimes lyrical Gloria in D major (1708) has remained a perennial favorite. His operas were widely performed in his own time.

About this work:

These works, often thought of in terms of being ‘immature’, are currently under recorded. This is a pity because although lacking in the depth of Vivaldi’s next opus, the masterwork ‘L’Estro armonico’, these sonatas are sophisticated and artful studies. Taking the rhythms and melodies from dance movements Vivaldi creates a showcase for the violin and explores the interplay between the base instruments of cello and harpsichord. The movements contrast stately, formal preludes with rustic and immediate dances. The exuberance of the faster movements encourages technical brilliance and the slower ones require a thoughtfulness from the player. There is in this music a real sense of Vivaldi striving to stretch the sonata form and to give the music a depth of meaning.

Track List:

The Players:

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 320.01 Mb, 2 hours 17 minutes. Covers & info included.

Part1 —–   Part2 —–   Part3 —–   Part4


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