Jean-Philippe Rameau – Les Indes Galantes

Jean-Philippe Rameau – Les Indes Galantes

Recorded at Studio 103 of Maison de Radio France in June, 1983.

About this work:
Les Indes galantes is an opéra-ballet consisting of a prologue and four entrées (acts) by Jean-Philippe Rameau with libretto by Louis Fuzelier. The première, including only the first three entrés, took place in Paris at the Académie Royale de Musique et Danse on 23 August 1735 with Mlle Pélissier as Emilie, Mme Petitpas as Fatima, Mme Antier as Phani, Jelyotte as Valère and don Carlos, de Chasse as Huascar and Tribou as Tacmas. Dupré provided the choreography, which was danced by Mlles Mariette, LeBreton, Sallé, and Messieurs Dupré, Maltayre, DuMoulin, Javillier and Corps de Ballet. Chéron conducted. The Third “Entrée”, known as the Entrée des Fleurs, was not well received and was revised after the fourth performance with Mlles Petipas as Fatima, Eremans as Atalide and Bourbonnais as Roxane, and Triadou as Tacmas.
At the revival of Les Indes galantes on 10 March 1736, the 30th performance of the work, a Fourth entrée was added, with Mme Pélissier as Zima, Jelyotte as Damon and Dun as don Alvar. The complete work was played for the 185th and last time in 1761.
Nevertheless, parts of it were revived from time to time: the Prologue in 1762 (20 performances) and 1771 (26 performances); the Entrée des Incas in 1771 (11 performances) and the Entrée des Sauvages in 1773 (22 performances). Thereafter, the Académie Royale (Paris Opéra) abandoned this work for 179 years. Nevertheless, the Opéra-Comique did present the Third entrée, the Entrée des Fleurs, with a new orchestration by Paul Dukas, on 30 May 1925, with Yvonne Brothier as Zaïre, Antoinette Reville as Fatima, Miguel Villabella as Tacmas and Emile Rousseau as Ali, and Maurice Frigara conducting.
Finally, there was a reprise at the Opéra itself, the Salle Garnier of the Académie Nationale de Musique et Danse, with the Dukas orchestration supplemented for the other entrées with music by Henri Busser, the 186th performance, on 18 June 1952, with sets by Arbus, Jacques Dupont, Wakhévitch, Carzou, Fost, Moulène and Chapelain-Midy for a production by the Académie’s own director, Maurice Lehmann. In the 1st Entrée (“The Gracious Turk”), the lovely and adorable Jacqueline Brumaire sang Emilie, Jean Giraudeau was Valère and Huc-Santana (the Puerto-Rican baritone Hugo Santana) was Osman. The dances were choreographed by the legendary André Aveline and danced by Mlle Bourgeois and M Legrand. In the 2nd Entrée, (“The Incas of Peru”), Marisa Ferrer was Phani, the elegant Georges Noré was don Carlos, and René Bianco was a rather gruff Huascar. Serge Lifar, no less, choreographed what he himself danced, unforgettably, with Vyroubova and Bozzoni. The 3rd Entrée, (“The Flowers”) had Janine Micheau as the unutterably elegant and seductive Fatima, side by side with Denise Duval as Zaïre! Giraudeau was totally eclipsed (literally!) as Tacmas and Jacques Jansen, the famous Pelléas, was Ali.
Harald Lander choreographed this act, with Mlle Bardin as the Rose, Mlle Dayde as the Butterfly, Ritz as Zéphir and Renault as a Persian. The 4th Entrée, (“The Savages of America”), had the most seductive soprano ever seen at the Opéra, Mme Géori Boué, as Zima, with José Luccioni as a loud Adario, Raoul Jobin as a lumbering Damon and Roger Bourdin a dry-voiced don Alvar. Lifar again choreographed the dancing for this act, executed by Mlles Darsonval, Lafon and Guillot and Messieurs Kalioujny and Efimoff. Louis Fourestier conducted. There were no less than 246 performances of this gorgeous revival by the end of 1961 which finally included an imposing array of singers and dancers of all kinds.

The album presented here contains only the orchestral suite.

Track List:
01. Ouverture (2:56)
02. Entree des Quatre Nations (1:37)
03. Air Polonois (1:54)
04. Menuets (1:47)
05. Air pour les Guerriers portans les drapeaux (1:20)
06. Air pour les Amants qui suivent Bellone et pour les Amantes qui tachent de les retenir (1:17)
07. Gavotte (0:41)
08. Air pour les Amours (1:04)
09. Air pour les esclaves africains (1:42)
10. Rigaudons en Rondeau (1:17)
11. Tambourins (1:25)
12. Air des Sauvages (1:58)
13. Contredanses (1:53)
14. Ritournelle des fleurs (1:19)
15. Loure en Rondeau (1:39)
16. Gavotte (2:32)
17. Orage – Air pour Borée et la Rose (1:46)
18. Air pour Zéphire (2:16)
19. Marche des Persans (1:15)
20. Gavotte (0:55)
21. Air tendre pour la Rose (1:40)
22. Air grave pour les Incas du Pérou (1:41)
23. Adoration du Soleil (1:28)
24. Chaconne (6:22)

The Players:

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 102.79 Mb, 43:44 minutes. Covers & info included.

Part1 —–   Part2


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