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George Frideric Händel – Ezio

George Frideric Händel – Ezio

Recorded at the St. Jean Baptiste Church, New York in May 1994.

About this Opera:
Ezio (Aetius) is an opera by George Frideric Handel. It was his last opera based on a libretto by Pietro Metastasio. Metastatio’s story was partly inspired by Jean Racine’s play Britannicus. The same libretto was also set by Nicola Porpora for an opera of the same name, first performed four years earlier. The opera received its first performance at the King’s Theatre, London on 15 January 1732. It received a total of only 5 performances before falling from the repertoire, in what turned out to be Handel’s greatest operatic failure. It did not receive another performance in London until 1977, by the Handel Opera Society at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Winton Dean has stated that the failure of the opera related to the artistic incompatibility between the more “classical” nature of the libretto and the more “romantic” nature of the music. Handel’s Ezio is considered one of the purest examples of opera seria with its absence of vocal ensembles.

Track List:
01. Act I. Overture/Allegro (2:54)
02. Act I. March (1:31)
03. Act I. Recitative: Signor, vincemmo (1:10)
04. Act I. Aria: Se tu la reggia (2:57)
05. Act I. Recitative: Lascia ch’al sen (1:42)
06. Act I. Aria: Pensa (2:55)
07. Act I. Recitative: E tempo (0:52)
08. Act I. Aria: Caro padre (4:56)
09. Act I. Recitative: Un oltraggiato (0:53)
10. Act I. Recitative: Del vincitor (0:35)
11. Act I. Aria: Quanto mai (4:53)
12. Act I. Accompanied recitative/Aria: Se un bel (2:58)
13. Act I. Recitative: Ola (0:32)
14. Act I. Aria: Se povero (5:20)
15. Act I. Recitative: Ezio, il Cesareo (1:06)
16. Act I. Aria: So chi t’accese (4:08)
17. Act I. Recitative: Fulvia, ti vuol (2:07)
18. Act I. Aria: Finche un zeffiro (6:33)
19. George Frideric HÄNDEL – Organ concerto, Opus 4, No, 4: I. Allegro (4:09)
20. George Frideric HÄNDEL – Organ concerto, Opus 4, No, 4: II. Andante (6:16)
21. George Frideric HÄNDEL – Organ concerto, Opus 4, No, 4: III. Adagio (1:02)
22. George Frideric HÄNDEL – Organ concerto, Opus 4, No, 4: IV. Allegro (3:39)
23. Act II. Sinfonia (1:23)
24. Act II. Accompanied recitative: Qual (0:50)
25. Act II. Recitative: E pigro (3:06)
26. Act II. Aria: Va (3:47)
27. Act II. Accompanied recitative: Che fo (1:34)
28. Act II. Recitative: Cesare, a te (0:42)
29. Act II. Arioso: Recagli (1:14)
01. Ezio: Act II. Accompanied recitative/Aria: Nasce (6:24)
02. Ezio: Act II. Recitative: Germano (0:21)
03. Ezio: Act II. Aria: Finche (4:57)
04. Ezio: Act II. Recitative: Ezio qui vien (2:04)
05. Ezio: Act II. Aria: La mia constanza (5:17)
06. Ezio: Act II. Recitative: Chi di me (0:23)
07. Ezio: Act II. Aria: Eccomi (6:11)
08. Organ concerto, Opus 4, No.2: I. Allegro (5:53)
09. Organ concerto, Opus 4, No.2: II. Andante (0:46)
10. Organ concerto, Opus 4, No.2: III. Adagio (4:13)
11. Ezio: Act III. Sinfonia (1:10)
12. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Ezio qui venga (1:44)
13. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Guarda pria (2:58)
14. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Ebben (0:31)
15. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Peni tu (4:11)
16. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Augusto (1:30)
17. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Se la mia vita (3:44)
18. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Che mai (3:18)
19. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Per tutto (1:55)
20. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Cara figlia (0:42)
21. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Tergi (2:36)
22. Ezio: Act III. Accompanied recitative: Misera (0:55)
23. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Ah, Non son io (2:39)
24. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Inorridisci (1:04)
25. Ezio: Act III. Aria: Gia risuonar (5:56)
26. Ezio: Act III. Recitative: Ah, traditori (1:52)
27. Ezio: Act III. Coro finale: Stringo al sen (2:49)

The Players:

Stereo, DDD, mp3, 320 kbps, 368.97 Mb, 2 hours 32 minutes. Covers & info included.

Part1 —–  Part2 —–  Part3 —–  Part4

Dedicado a Silvia por su cumple.


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