Joseph Haydn – L’Infedeltà Delusa (Eszterhaza Opera Cycle)

Joseph Haydn –   L’Infedeltà Delusa

Recorded at The Grand Salle, Epalinges, Switzerland on June 1980

About this opera:
L’infedeltà delusa (“Deceit Outwitted”), Hob. 28/5, is an operatic burletta per musica by Joseph Haydn. The Italian libretto was by Marco Coltellini, perhaps reworked by Carl Friberth who also took part in the first performance.
The earliest recorded performance, which may have been the premiere, was at Eszterháza on 26 July 1773. This was the name day of the Dowager Princess Estaházy and this date is given in the printed libretto. It was revived for the visit of Empress Maria Theresa on 1 September 1773, and again on 1 July 1774.

Track List:
01. Ouverture (6:20)
02. 1. Akt – (Introduzione) – Bella sera (9:33)
03. 1. Akt – (Recitativo) – Si figliola (1:31)
04. 1. Akt – (Aria) – Quando viene a far l’amore (5:46)
05. 1. Akt – (Recitativo) – Povera me! povero Nanni! (1:17)
06. 1. Akt – (Aria) – Che imbroglio è questo! (3:56)
07. 1. Akt – (Recitativo) – Ora intendo cos’è (0:34)
08. 1. Akt – (Aria) – Non v’è rimedio (3:54)
09. 1. Akt – (Aria) – Come piglia si bene la mira (7:02)
10. 1. Akt – (Recitativo) – Cappita! Or ora è notte! (1:11)
11. 1. Akt – (Duetto) – Son disperato (4:37)
12. 1. Akt – (Aria) – Chi s’impaccia di moglie cittadina (7:16)
13. 1. Akt – (Recitativo) – È qui l’amico (3:51)
14. 1. Akt – (Finale) – O piglia questa (4:23)
01. atto secondo No.15. Recitativo (O fratel mio) (5:16)
02. atto secondo No.16. Aria (Ho un tumore in un ginocchio) (6:24)
03. atto secondo No.17. Recitativo (Che ne dite?) (2:22)
04. atto secondo No.18. Aria (Tu sposarti alla Sandrina?) (5:42)
05. atto secondo No.19. Recitativo (Che faccenda è cotesta?) (1:55)
06. atto secondo No.20. Aria (Trinche vaine allegramente) (1:38)
07. atto secondo No.21. Recitativo (Ora ho scoperto tutto) (3:13)
08. atto secondo No.22. Aria (Oh che gusto!) (4:12)
09. atto secondo No.23. Recitativo (Vieni, sbrigati Nanni!) (0:31)
10. atto secondo No.24. Aria (Ho tesa la rete) (5:22)
11. atto secondo No.25. Recitativo (Tira in qua quella tavola) (1:59)
12. atto secondo No.26. Aria (È la pompa un grand’imbroglio) (5:15)
13. atto secondo No.27. Recitativo (Servo di Vosustrissima) (1:05)
14. atto secondo No.28. Finale (Nel mille settecento) (5:23)

The Players:

Stereo, ADD, mp3, 320 kbps, 281.12 Mb, 1 hours 50 minutes. Covers, info & synopsis included.

Part1 —–  Part2 —–   Part3


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  1. Hey Jazzman! thank you very much… I find your blog great too! I have that album “my life in the bush…” which is awesome! but I haven’t listened much to classical music; just a few like John Cage and some others from movie soundtracks… so, I’ll start with some albums of your blog! I’m waitin’ for your suggestions to tell me which ones I should download first! :-)
    btw, I linked your blog.
    cheers ;-)

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. Please feel free to ask me about any classical record you may be interested in, I’ll try to upload it for you. Try to start with the “more classical” ones like the Beethoven shymphonies.
    I’ve also linked your blog.

  3. Enhorabuena, por los 10.000 visitantes de tu blog. El éxito está fuera de toda duda. Sigue así, con este gusto tan exquisito por la buena música.
    Un abrazo.

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