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Sylvius Leopold Weiss – Partitas Pour Luth

Sylvius Leopold Weiss – Partitas Pour Luth

Recorded in Mandelsloh, Germany, between 24 and 27/09/1997

About these works:
Sylvius Leopold Weiss probably did not worry much about posterity; few 18th-century musicians did. And posterity duly ignored Weiss, partly because there was nothing suitable on which to play his music. It was tailored for the Baroque lute, a sonorous but difficult instrument that largely disappeared within a generation of his death. Weiss was a star performer in his day, but even then his music was hard to find, by his own choice. He published only one movement in his lifetime. ”When you keep a piece only for yourself,” he explained, ”it always stays nice and new.” But that attitude, a common one among itinerant Baroque virtuosos, did not stop Weiss and his students from writing down hundreds of his pieces. Most of them are still unpublished, although a complete edition is in process.
That edition is timely. Today we have something suitable on which to play Weiss, thanks to the modern revival of the Baroque lute. And the Weiss record catalog continues to grow. This release comes from a notable figure in the Baroque lute revival, Hopkinson Smith. Mr. Smith’s mastery is reason enough to listen; he extracts a beautiful sound from his lute and plays it with an improvisatory flair and a wealth of nuance. Just as important, the music is rich and wide-ranging. It is hard to imagine a more attractive introduction to Weiss’s music. A high point is the G major Partita, whose eight movements include an impressive Toccata and Fugue. Such music should keep posterity from forgetting Weiss any time soon.

Track List:
1. Partita in Ré Mineur – Fantasia (1:37)
2. Partita in Ré Mineur – Allemande (4:26)
3. Partita in Ré Mineur – Courante (3:31)
4. Partita in Ré Mineur – Gavotte (1:50)
5. Partita in Ré Mineur – Sarabande (3:19)
6. Partita in Ré Mineur – Menuett (2:51)
7. Partita in Ré Mineur – Giga (3:49)
8. Partita in Sol Majeur – Prélude (1:03)
9. Partita in Sol Majeur – Toccata (1:53)
10. Partita in Sol Majeur – Fuga (2:53)
11. Partita in Sol Majeur – Courante (4:18)
12. Partita in Sol Majeur – Bourrée (3:20)
13. Partita in Sol Majeur – Sarabande, un poco andante (6:19)
14. Partita in Sol Majeur – Menuet (3:31)
15. Partita in Sol Majeur – Allegro (5:22)
16. Piéces in Ré Majeur – Prélude (3:10)
17. Piéces in Ré Majeur – Passacaille (3:26)
18. Piéces in Ré Majeur – Giga (3:11)

Hopkinson Smith: baroque lute (13 string Joel Van Lennep, Boston)

Stereo, DDD, mp3, 320 kbps, 162.22 Mb, 59:49 minutes. Full info & covers included.

Part1 —  Part2

Para el flequillo más precioso y rebelde de todo el Sur.


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