Jean-Philippe Rameau – Suite “Les Paladins”

Jean-Philippe Rameau – Suite “Les Paladins”

Recorded at St. Giles Cripplegate, London on January, 1991

About this work:
Les Paladins is an opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau first performed on 12 February 1760. The author of the libretto  is unknown, but it has been attributed to Duplat de Monticourt. Rameau called Les Paladins a comédie lyrique, putting it in the same category as his earlier work Platée.The comedie lyrique Les Paladins (1760) is one of the distressingly large number of Rameau operas that have never been recorded in anything like their full state. A tantalizing if frustrating glimpse of what we are thereby missing is provided on Rameau: Suite |Les Paladins’ (Philips 432 968-2, rec 1991). Here Gustav Leonhardt and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment provide a generous selection of orchestral movements, some 24 in all. This is Rameau the orchestral master at his most inventive. The range of colours he manages to extract from a relatively restricted palette never ceases to amaze.

The Artists:

Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment
Gustav Leonhardt: conductor

Track List:

01. Ouverture très vite (3:42)
02. Menuet lent (1:41)
03. Air gay (1:55)
04. Entrée des Pèlerins (4:02)
05. Loure (3:10)
06. Pantomime (2:28)
07. Air de furie (2:08)
08. Sarabande (3:12)
09. Menuet en rondeau I-II (5:40)
10. Entrée très gaye des Troubadours (2:42)
11. Air très gay (1:47)
12. Gavotte (0:30)
13. Menuet (0:56)
14. Contradanse (en rondeau) (1:12)
15. Entrée des Chinois (2:33)
16. Loure (2) (3:32)
17. Gigue vive (3:23)
18. Air vif (1:42)
19. Première gavotte gaye – deuxième gavotte (2:39)
20. Air très gay (2) (4:22)
21. Entrée des Paladines et ensuite Paladins (3:12)
22. Air pour les Pagodes (3:07)
23. Gavotte I-II (2:13)
24. Contredanse en rondeau (1:58)

Stereo, DDD, mp3 (320 kbps), 151.48 Mb, 63:45 minutos. Full info & covers included.



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