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George Frideric Händel – Faramondo

George Frideric Händel – Faramondo

Recorded at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul, New York City in 1996 (world premiere recording)

About this work:
Faramondo (Pharamond, HWV  39) is an opera  in three acts by George Frideric Handel to an Italian text adapted from Apostolo Zeno’s Faramondo. This opera drew a blank with its first audiences in 1738. At the start of the 21st century, we can perhaps be more receptive to its quirky, schematic dramaturgy and its complex equation of sexual and military conquest. We are in the middle of a war, in which the armies of kings Faramondo and Gernando are allied against those of Gustavo and his son Adolfo. On each side, the leaders are rivals for the love of a woman in the opposite camp: Faramondo and Gernando are besotted with Gustavo’s daughter Rosimonda, while Gustavo and Adolfo have the hots for Faramondo’s sister Clotilde. There’s no real plot. What Handel gives us is an exploration of an emotional gridlock in which the dramatic tension is dependent on our growing awareness of the characters’ shifting perspectives. A cool, brilliant operatic game, it’s devastatingly realised by Diego Fasolis and I Barocchisti in a recording that for many will seem like countertenor heaven. Most people will probably want to hear it for either Max Emanual Cencic in the title role or Philippe Jaroussky’s Adolfo. The star turns, however, come from Xavier Sabata’s chameleon-like Gernando and from Marina de Liso as firebrand Rosimonda and Sophie Karthäuser as the irritatingly virtuous Clotilde. The whole thing is a revelation.

The Artists:
Brewer Chamber Orchestra
Rudolph Palmer: conductor
D’Anna Fortunato: Faramondo
Julianne Baird: Clotilde
Drew Minter: Gernando
Jennifer Lane: Rosimonda
Mary Ellen Callahan: Adolfo
Peter Castaldi: Gustavo
Lorie Gratis: Childerico
Mark Singer: Teobaldo

Track List:
01. Act I. Overture (6:33)
02. Act I. Accompanied Recitative: Popolo, figlio (1:11)
03. Act I. Chorus: Pera, pera (0:21)
04. Act I. Recitative: Chiede l’ombra (0:53)
05. Act I. Aria: Viva, si (3:37)
06. Act I. Recitative: Siam pur fuori (0:54)
07. Act I. Aria: Conoscero (4:17)
08. Act I. Recitative/Aria: Perdoni all’amor mio (6:31)
09. Act I. Recitative: A me dunque (1:31)
10. Act I. Aria: Vanne (4:06)
11. Act I. Recitative: Faramondo infelice (0:43)
12. Act I. Aria: Rival si tono (3:59)
13. Act I. Recitative/Aria: Va pur (4:59)
14. Act I. Recitative: Sino ad ora (1:27)
15. Act I. Arioso: Si, tornero (2:20)
16. Act I. Recitative/Aria: Quel nemico (4:19)
17. Act I. Recitative: Si, Clotilde (1:09)
18. Act I. Aria: Vado a recar (2:01)
19. Act I. Recitative: Dalla cittade (0:19)
20. Act I. Aria: Mi parto lieta (5:27)
21. Act I. Recitative: Fra quest’ombre (1:23)
22. Act I. Aria: Se ben (5:43)
01. Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 4 in A Minor: I. Larghetto affetuoso (2:37)
02. Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 4 in A Minor: II. Allegro (2:43)
03. Act II. Sinfonia (2:23)
04. Act II. Recitative: Gia udisti (1:44)
05. Act II. Aria: Si, l’intendesti (3:55)
06. Act II. Recitative/Aria: Si sdegna (4:53)
07. Act II. Recitative: Misero (0:37)
08. Act II. Aria: Poi che pria (5:58)
09. Act II. Aria: Combattuta (6:00)
10. Act II. Recitative: Faramondo in catene (1:05)
11. Act II. Aria: Se a piedi (3:58)
12. Act II. Recitative: Signor, umil (1:22)
13. Act II. Aria: Sol la brama (3:17)
14. Act II. Recitative: Tentai d’aver (0:39)
15. Act II. Aria: Nella terra (4:40)
16. Act II. Recitative: Childerico (1:03)
17. Act II. Duet: Vado e vivo (2:33)
01. Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 4 in A Minor: III. Largo, e piano (2:20)
02. Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 4 in A Minor: IV. Allegro (2:52)
03. Act III. Sinfonia (2:46)
04. Act III. Recitative: Mi tradiscono (1:13)
05. Act III. Duet: Caro, cara (5:14)
06. Act III. Recitative: Gia nel campo (0:27)
07. Act III. Aria: Cosi suole (4:30)
08. Act III. Recitative: Ritorna pu (0:39)
09. Act III. Aria: Voglio che sia (7:51)
10. Act III. Recitative: D’un oltraggiato (1:38)
11. Act III. Aria: Se ria procella (4:46)
12. Act III. Recitative: Non isdegnar (2:00)
13. Act III. Aria: Sappi, crudel (5:40)
14. Act III. Recitative: Clotilde, il tuo dolor (1:42)
15. Act III. Aria: Un’aura placida (6:01)
16. Act III. Recitative: Reggi il mio brando (1:53)
17. Act III. Aria/Chorus: Virtu che rende (5:23)

Stereo, DDD, mp3 (320 kbps), 397.49, 170:14 minutes. Full info & covers included.


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